Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Blankets

Baby Blankets For Your Baby's Comfort
Executive Summary By Apurva Jain

The babies need to be protected all the time and wrapping a blanket is the best way of taking care of your baby.

Baby Blankets Made Of Fleece Are Ideal
Fleece baby blankets answer all the requirements as stipulated above. The babies remain comfortable in fleece baby blankets for a long period of time. These blankets are relatively inexpensive and are ideal for being given as gifts for newborn babies.
As compared to woolen or woven blankets, baby blankets made from fleece provide greater warmth and comfort to babies. The main reason is that fleece soaks up moisture and keeps the babies dry.

Fleece Blankets Look Smart And Are More Durable
Besides looking smart because they are available in many colors, fleece baby blankets are also very durable.

Buy Or Make?
Either fleece baby blankets can be bought from the market or you can make them at home. During the pregnancy period, an expectant mother can do some handwork on the baby blanket to give it a personal touch.

Naturally, buying will be a more expensive option although some fabrics cost almost as much as buying a new baby blanket.
Baby blankets are sort of replacements for the warmth of the womb when the baby is born. A baby blanket will give it the warmth and the tight wrap that it deserves.
Feeling Of Satisfaction
When you have a fleece baby blanket wrapped around your baby, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the baby is comfortable, safe and cozy much in the same way that it was before its birth.

Designer Baby Blankets - Are They Really Worth the Money?
Executive Summary By Scott Corbett

Designer baby blankets are becoming more popular as gifts for baby showers because they offer something truly special. Likewise, designer blankets wrapped around Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ baby make perfect advertisements and fuel popular demand.

Designer baby blankets are usually more expensive than blankets one might find at a discount chain store, and this naturally raises the question of value. What exactly are you buying when you choose to buy a Little Giraffe receiving blanket or a Barefoot Dreams crib blanket? Designer bay blankets come in a variety of fabrics.

Cotton blankets, like those made by Bella Notte, are perennial favorites. Designer baby blankets come in different designs and styles. The most popular dimensions are those of receiving blankets, originally designed to bring newborns home in, which normally measure 30-36 inches square.

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