Saturday, February 21, 2009

Infant Clothing

Infant Daycare
Executive Summary By Peter Gitundu

Infant Daycare is different from regular day care. Infant day care as the name suggests deals with the care of infants. Infant daycare providers are trained to deal with infants; they will feed the baby and see to it that the baby is clean.

Infant day care providers perform the same duties that a nanny would perform the only difference being that nannies are hired for longer periods than infant day care providers.
Infant day care providers are available from agencies or from referrals from colleagues or friends.

Infant Nursing and Daycare

Infants will always require extra attention than older children and infant daycare will provide these special care and meet the needs of the infant as expected by the parents, therefore the working parent will feel comfortable as they leave their child in the hands of the nurse.

the infant daycare nurse will also clean the baby, wash the clothes and put them out to dry, clean the baby's sleeping area making sure that no dirt accumulate at any place therefore the safety and health of the baby is well taken care of.

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