Friday, April 9, 2010

Layette Baby Clothes

Layette For a Baby
Executive Summary By Yana Mikheeva

You know, buying layette takes too much time that could be given to a baby himself.

Further, taking into account the fact that baby's skin become easily inflamed because of tough seams or wool, any clothes that adjoins to baby's skin, should be made only of cotton or mixture of cotton with synthetic materials.

Diapers. New-born babies have one very delicate peculiarity to humidify nappies every 15 minutes, so diapers (a lot of them and for different baby's weight) are just irreplaceable.

Blanket. You should buy also a set of blanket covers for each blanket. It is better not to buy quilts: they are too heavy, hard to wash and moreover, dust microbes easily multiply there.

Swaddling bands. Modern pediatricians advise not to use swaddling bands and not to swaddle babies since their very birth. For example, you will be able to wipe your baby after bath with thin ones, in hot weather you will cover him with warm ones instead of blanket, and a flannelette swaddling band will serve as a wonderful pillow for your new-born. Moreover, instead of swaddling bands you may use a bag with buttons having tape around collar. A baby will feel much comfortable in it, than in swaddling bands.

Bonnets and caps. Your baby will need not more than 2 thin and 1 warm bonnet, made of knitted fabric (they are practical and comfortable) and a couple of wool caps.

Crawlers. By the way, it is considered, that during wake since the first days of life baby will feel more comfortable wearing crawlers or light overalls, than in swaddling bands.

Loose jackets. You also should not buy too much of them, as babies grow fast of them. So, do not go mad on buying them and take just 203 thin ones and 1-2 warm ones. The matter is that tape and press-buttons can be easily fastened, and they are also more sage for a baby, than usual buttons (a baby may accidentally tear buttons off and send them to his mouth immediately).

Socks. Even in the warmest weather new-born babies' feet freeze, so you will have to get a couple of warm wool socks for sure.

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